Liven Up Your Bathroom With Wicker Furniture

Decorating your bathroom is not an easy task and takes a lot of brainstorming and thinking but once it is done it offers great satisfaction. In some cases, even when you work hard on decorating your bathroom, it can still feel empty as if it lacks an important component.

In that scenario, you have to work doubly hard because such bathrooms seem very bare and empty and fail to provide a feeling of warmth. Thus, to rule out this factor, you need to add bathroom furnishings that liven up your bathroom and wicker furniture is the perfect choice in this regard. Available in light and natural tones, it helps to enhance the beauty of your bathroom décor.

Wicker Bathroom Furniture

Wicker bathroom furniture is beautiful and functional and adds a unique cozy touch to your bathroom decor. Many people believe that they just need to buy wicker furniture and every issue regarding bathroom furniture will be solved. This is not true because wicker furniture will only help when you know beforehand what kind of look you want for your bathroom.

Planning is very important before buying wicker bathroom furniture because if you know well in advance where you want it placed, it will look pleasing and your task of arranging it will also become a lot easier.
Give special thought and consideration to your bathroom setting. The placement and orderly arrangement of wicker furniture can have a profound pleasant effect on your bathroom décor making it seem more spacious and roomy.

Wicker Baskets and Cabinets/Shelves

Made of wicker with solid pine frame, the wicker basket is a unique triangular design for a stylish and trendy look. It is a sturdy basket for functional storage in your bathroom and stores your clothes. Use of wicker basket is recommended especially if you have plenty of supplies in the bathroom as it will help you in keeping all the things together.

Wicker baskets and cabinets or shelves help in storage and store a lot of your cosmetics, medicines and other toiletries and bathroom supplies.

Wicker Bathroom Accessories

If you want to add a bit of spark and class to your bathroom go for stylish wicker accessories. After all, bathroom is a place where you want to relax a bit and feel comfortable. If your bathroom is equipped with beautiful and calming accessories, it will give you a much-needed peace after a hard day at work.

Bathroom accessories play a pivotal role in decorating your bathroom. If you manage to find a right mix of bathroom accessories, not only they will enhance the beauty of your bathroom but will also make sure that your bathroom does not look bare. You can implement all this with the help of wicker vanity stool, wicker cabinets and shelves to make your bathroom more comfortable.

Getting Ideas

If you are not sure about how to use the wicker furniture effectively in your bathroom then don’t worry, you can get the ideas from magazines or websites on the internet. This is quite important because whenever you buy any bathroom furniture, you have to take into account both functionality and looks. Wicker bathroom furniture meets all these requirements and by using wicker furniture properly, you can add extra character and feel to your bathroom.

Hand Crafted Outdoor Furniture

Buying outdoor furniture that is handcrafted will mean that you are not only buying a quality product that will look much nicer than cheaply made furniture, but will also mean the furniture will last longer despite the fact that it will deal with the elements because it is meant to be outside. There are many different furniture pieces to consider when it comes to outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs, décor oriented furniture, hammocks, and the list goes on. Many different styles can be achieved by making a piece of furniture by hand because of the customizability of the building process itself.

Two different options that you can choose from when buying outdoor furniture is if you would like to receive it finished or unfinished. If you prefer to receive your wood furniture already finished, there are many different colors and sheens of finish that you can choose from. If you prefer to finish the furniture yourself, maybe as a family project, or because you haven’t chosen the perfect color yet, this is something you can easily do successfully if you follow the guidance of a professional. You can choose a varnish, oil, or you can paint your furniture to get the look that fits the theme of your home or lifestyle.

Craftsmanship is the main selling point of hand made outdoor furniture. The attention to detail you get with hand crafted furniture is second to none, and this is the only way to get custom pieces of furniture made. Instead of buying a mass produced piece, you are getting a one of kind furniture piece that has had a lot of time and care during the making process. One of the most important things that people look at with furniture is quality because they know the piece will see a lot of wear, and people would like to see it last.

There are simple pieces of furniture that are handcrafter like a basic picnic table, or a regular chair, and also more custom pieces such as ensembles, rocking chairs, or oversized tables and chairs that you can find from a furniture outlet that hand crafts their pieces. You can even buy hand made teeter totter sets that would make a perfect addition to your kid’s outdoor playground. There is just no reason to buy cheaply made furniture that is churned off an assembly line, often times not properly put together, when you can buy custom hand crafted furniture for your porch or deck for sometimes the same price.

Things to Avoid When Choosing Cafe Furniture

Choosing cafe furniture can seem like an easy task – after all, you just need to find something that goes with your decor and looks good, right? If this is the attitude you take you may find your sales dropping and customers leaving without any real explanation. Believe it or not even furniture that looks great can make people’s dining experience a bad one. Let’s take a look at some negative attributes your new furniture might possess:


A chair that stands out because of great design can be extremely uncomfortable to actually use. Imagine if the chair is quite slim and unyielding – how would a larger customer use it? Likewise very tall bar stools, if they don’t have footrests, can be almost impossible to climb onto for shorter people or anyone who’s not in their prime. You should choose furniture based around average heights and weights to make it comfortable for as many people as possible.


The material you should choose depends very much on the climate in your area. Aluminium chairs for example can be very cold in winter, and leather chairs can get very hot in summer. This can be uncomfortable for your customers even if the chairs themselves look great. The chair covering should also be durable no matter what your clientele – spills and stains are inevitable and a durable material will fare a lot better than a delicate one, not to mention being easier to clean.


Many cafe owners opt for ‘designer’ furniture because it gives them a unique look and makes their business interesting and memorable. This is all very well, but imagine if a piece of furniture gets damaged and has to be replaced – if you’ve opted for specialist furniture this could be quite difficult and expensive. Buying from a specialist contract furniture supplier that has many tables and chairs in stock means you’ll always be able to deal with breakages. Designer furniture on the other hand could look shabby and you won’t be able to replace it. Your whole establishment could start to look un-loved and customers will be put off from visiting.

The trick to buying the right cafe furniture is balancing form and function. Of course your furniture should look great and give you the atmosphere you want, but it also needs to be comfortable, durable and affordable. Luckily there’s a wide range of suppliers catering to this market who in recent years have put their emphasis on design-led furniture to meet the growing demand in this sector.

One option is to find a company that lets you customise their furniture. You choose an existing design that has all the functionality you need, and then provide your own upholstery for them to fit. This gives you something unique with all the practical features a contract furniture company can supply – it’s a happy medium that could offer you the perfect solution. When your furniture starts to look shabby you can simply get it re-upholstered, giving you a fresh look every time.