Website Designing – A Blend of Creativity and Technicality

The web space is flooded with many websites and every day many more are add on World Wide Web. The web design and graphic design industry has expanded a lot in the few years only. Web designing is the good blend of technicality and creativity. It requires both in the equal manner. The technical knowledge like MySql, PHP, JAVA, Flash, CSS, XSL, XML is required to build a website and creativity is required to give it a different and unique look from other similar product websites.

Website designing is not an easy job and it needs a lot of time and an effort. The designer needs to think many things before designing. A good and a proper research is always needed like who is the target audience, what kind of traffic is required, is it an e-commerce website or informative one. There are many more minor and major things like these. So the designers need to do proper research and planning.

Few more things the designer should take care are that the easy functions. If the website is very complex then many users will leave the page without even reaching to the final stage. The navigation key should be proper and in attention creating manner. For example if the website is an e-commerce website than the ultimate purpose is to sell things. That means the buyer should reach to the buy tab with the third click. The more quickly he will reach to that the chances are more that the customer will buy the product. If the motive to get information via survey forms then the user should reach to the survey form with the third click only from the home page.

Proper navigation plays the major role in getting the end attention fulfilled by the website owner. The image and content should be placed properly in the layout. Most of the decision makers do not have time to read the lengthy description so they go for the product specifications or the overall look of the website. Images play a major role in this area. If website is of some industry material then the colorful look want help but if it’s about some creative thing like interior designing then the colors will add extra feather to its charm.

Few technical aspects like the browser compatibility are also needed to be taken care. The content must be SEO friendly and fresh so that it can get higher rankings in search engines. Good keywords help to get traffic to the website.

This all proves that website designing needs lots of effort, creativity, time and professional knowledge to make the unique website.

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Are Sub $100 Logo Design Services Any Good?

Every company needs a distinctive logo creation which it can be easily associated with. The logo needs to be easily recalled and easily identified for it to make an impact. But how much should a company spend on logo design services?

When it comes to logo design services, there are 3 basic price ranges. These different price categories reflect the different levels of service associated with the individual logo design packages.

The most costly price range are those that cost above 5 figures upwards. But this price usually covers more than just the logo creation itself. In such cases, logo is just part of a bigger marketing or branding campaign. The whole process could take up to 3 months to complete.

Logo design packages in this price bracket would usually include more in-depth research into the company history, business practices and where the company intends to go from there.

Designers will then attempt to design a whole new logo or update the present one using the information they have garnered. At the end of the logo creation exercise, the client would be given a manual containing specifications for the logo including color codes, dimensions, variations and where certain variation can be used.

The $1000 to $9999 price bracket usually appeal to companies which have been around for more than 5 years and have the budget to undergo a minor re-branding process. Most companies do this as a means of keeping things fresh and getting noticed potentially new clients.

When it comes to creating logos, designers will take a bit of time to research the company and maybe even speak with the CEO to get feedback, but the whole process would only take a month to complete.

Then there are logos that cost anywhere from $20 to $999. Logo creation services in this category can be divided into two sub categories – Self Designed and Professionally Designed.

Self designed logo services are, as expected, the cheapest around. The average price of such services hover around the $30 range. Self logo creation sites provide design software with customizable fonts and hundreds of clip art for users to create their own unique logos.

Most of these sites claim that once a clip art is used by a user, it is taken off the site. However, there have been a few cases whereby logos from such sites have been rejected during the trademark process because of similarities with other logos.

For entrepreneurs who are willing to pay a bit more, there are still professional logo design services available for less than $200. For this price, designers require only basic information to design a unique corporate logo. This would include the industry company is in, style of logo (illustration, text type) and preferred colors.

Customers can expect their initial logo concepts in just 2 business days. To allay fears of low quality logos, many of these firms are offering money back guarantees and free unlimited revisions.

Website Design Tips

Website design plays an extremely important role in the promotion of your company’s website. A well designed website can help you have a thriving business while one that is not well designed may play havoc for your business. This is why, when designing your company’s website there are a few important points that you need to bear in mind. Some people simply pay attention to the outlook of the website while others tend to ignore this aspect. You must know that the website design is the major thing that you need to attend to. Here are a few website design tips that can ensure your online success.

• The first thing to consider while designing a website is its look. You must make sure that you website is simple as well as functional. There are many websites that have great visual appeal but at the same time they tend to confuse visitors. The simpler sites are easy to navigate. Visitors can get the information that they desire easily. Therefore, focus on simplicity when designing a website.

• Another important thing to keep in mind while designing a website is that it must be user-friendly. Both the information and pages should be easy for the users to check out. Divide the information into clearly defined pages so that visitors can easily get the information they desire without wasting time or being confused.

• You must not clutter your website with images or information that tends to confuse the visitor. Keep its structure clear, simple and straight forward. Focus on the products/services or information that your site is about and avoid using unnecessary information and images.

• Making your website search engine friendly is another very important aspect of effective website design. A site that is not search engine friendly will not rank well in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. As a result, you will not lure visitors in an effective manner.

• Avoid using flash images and stick to simpler ones so that your site may work efficiently and load quickly.

• The website content is another major issue that you need to attend to. Make sure that the content is useful, unique, correct and clear. If your content fails to satisfy the visitors, they will certainly not use your product or service. You can get professional help in this matter so that you can have informative, useful and attractive content for your website.