The Best Garage Floor Coating

One of the best ways to protect to your garage floor from normal wear and tear and other damage is to apply a good quality garage floor coating. There are several options including garage floor paint and concrete floor sealants but the best results are obtained with an epoxy coating applied over the concrete. The epoxy is strong and durable and will often times last over ten years with no noticeable problems.

Epoxy is a great material to work with because it is easy to prepare and apply but it cures to a very hard surface that stands up well to garage floor traffic and spills. It is chemically inert so there is no problem with spilled gasoline, oil, brake fluid and other liquids that naturally accumulate on the floor when you are doing your car repairs. Paint, on the other hand, will often time bubble up and peel off when some of these products are spilled on it.

The garage floor epoxy coating comes in two containers which individually contain the resin and the hardener. Once the floor surface is prepared by a thorough cleaning with soap and water and then a weak muriatic acid solution, it is allowed to dry. Then the homeowner mixes the two parts of the epoxy solution together. A power drill with an attached auger works well for this mixing. The mixture is then spread out over the floor usually with a roller and allowed to harden.

The time to cure is based primarily on the temperature of the environment. If it is winter and cold you may want to use a space heater to bring the temperature up into the 60 degree range. Usually the floor can be walked on after about 24 hours and within a few days it has completely hardened.

Once cured, the floor coating will withstand substantial abuse with even arc welding sparks not affecting it as long as the welding is done at bench height. The epoxy will also not hot peel which is a problem with asphalt products.