Electric Scooters Help Save the Environment And Your Budget

One of the many advantages of electric scooters is their cost-efficiency, and not only from the way they avoid the gas pump altogether. In addition to this, electric scooters are much cheaper to purchase than a second vehicle, and often more enjoyable than riding a bike, though that depends on personal taste. Here are some other advantages to using these economic vehicles you may have overlooked.

1. State Driver’s License Not Required
This alone is a big savings for many families, but there’s no need to get a state-issued driver’s license with many scooters. This will depend on individual laws as well as the type of scooter purchased, usually to do with speed and safety. But for the majority of Americans, a license is not required to operate an electric scooter.

2. No Need for Insurance
This again will depend on the state in question, but most states will not require insurance on smaller scooters. Be sure to check with local authorities first. Many will find they can save hundreds a year because of this fact alone.

3. No Need For Maintenance
There are some minor things to take care of such as lubricating the wheels and keeping the tires inflated, depending on the type of tires. For the most part, there is no “tune up” on an electric scooter of any sort, simply plug the rechargeable battery in for the night and be ready the next day.

4. Zero Emissions
This is obvious but bears restating – an electric motor scooter doesn’t produce any harmful smog, a detriment to the environment as well as those with asthma and other breathing complications. No “smog checks” to worry about, either.

5. Lightweight, Portable
Many electric-powered scooters will be fold-able, so you can carry them with you on public transportation, for example. With the ease of use, they can extend your range and help you get around more conveniently than many cars will. And parking is never an issue with a scooter – you can always bring it inside the office with you if need be (depending on the model).

These are just five reasons you should love electric scooters, not to mention you can help save the environment and save your budget. Now the trouble is simply finding a model you can invest in that won’t let you down. The trick here is battery life, and overall riding experience. See below for some recommendations.