Things to Avoid When Choosing Cafe Furniture

Choosing cafe furniture can seem like an easy task – after all, you just need to find something that goes with your decor and looks good, right? If this is the attitude you take you may find your sales dropping and customers leaving without any real explanation. Believe it or not even furniture that looks great can make people’s dining experience a bad one. Let’s take a look at some negative attributes your new furniture might possess:


A chair that stands out because of great design can be extremely uncomfortable to actually use. Imagine if the chair is quite slim and unyielding – how would a larger customer use it? Likewise very tall bar stools, if they don’t have footrests, can be almost impossible to climb onto for shorter people or anyone who’s not in their prime. You should choose furniture based around average heights and weights to make it comfortable for as many people as possible.


The material you should choose depends very much on the climate in your area. Aluminium chairs for example can be very cold in winter, and leather chairs can get very hot in summer. This can be uncomfortable for your customers even if the chairs themselves look great. The chair covering should also be durable no matter what your clientele – spills and stains are inevitable and a durable material will fare a lot better than a delicate one, not to mention being easier to clean.


Many cafe owners opt for ‘designer’ furniture because it gives them a unique look and makes their business interesting and memorable. This is all very well, but imagine if a piece of furniture gets damaged and has to be replaced – if you’ve opted for specialist furniture this could be quite difficult and expensive. Buying from a specialist contract furniture supplier that has many tables and chairs in stock means you’ll always be able to deal with breakages. Designer furniture on the other hand could look shabby and you won’t be able to replace it. Your whole establishment could start to look un-loved and customers will be put off from visiting.

The trick to buying the right cafe furniture is balancing form and function. Of course your furniture should look great and give you the atmosphere you want, but it also needs to be comfortable, durable and affordable. Luckily there’s a wide range of suppliers catering to this market who in recent years have put their emphasis on design-led furniture to meet the growing demand in this sector.

One option is to find a company that lets you customise their furniture. You choose an existing design that has all the functionality you need, and then provide your own upholstery for them to fit. This gives you something unique with all the practical features a contract furniture company can supply – it’s a happy medium that could offer you the perfect solution. When your furniture starts to look shabby you can simply get it re-upholstered, giving you a fresh look every time.